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General Orders

Standing Order Re Ex Parte Motions or Applications Response Deadlines and Certificates of Service for Cases before Judge Jeffrey P. Norman (SUPERSEDED BY 12/5/16 S.0.; ARCHIVED)

Standing Order Regarding Motions to Lift the Automatic Stay - Judge John W. Kolwe (ABROGATED 4/1/20)

Standing Order Adopting Procedure for Obtaining Credit in Chapter 13 Cases Assigned to Judge Jeffrey P. Norman (ABROGATED 4/1/20)

Modification to December 19, 2005 Standing Order Pursuant to 11 U.S.C. 1326(A)(1) and (4) (ABROGATED 4/1/20; LBR 3015-3)

Standing Order Adopting Mandatory Form Chapter 13 Plan for Matters Pending Before Judge Jeffrey P. Norman (Effective August 1, 2015) (ABROGATED BY 6/9/17 ORDER; ARCHIVED)

Standing Order Regarding Continuance Procedures for Matters Pending Before Judge Jeffrey P. Norman (ABROGATED 4/1/20; ARCHIVED)

Standing Order Re: Chapter 13 Cases Pending before Jeffrey P. Norman - Chapter 13 Trustee Procedures for Administration of Home Mortgage Payments Adopted by the Court on January 30, 2015 (ABROGATED 4/1/20; LBR 3015-2)

Standing Order Regarding Requirements for Exhibits in Adversary Proceedings and Other Contested Matters Before Judge Jeffrey P. Norman (ABROGATED 4/1/20; LBR 9014-1(c))

Standing Order Regarding 11 U.S.C. § 521(a)(1) Document Filing Requirements in Chapter 13 Cases (Shreveport Division) and Chapter 7 Cases  Shreveport and Monroe Divisions) and Authority Granted to the Bankruptcy Clerk of Court to Automatically Dismiss Cases Wherein Documents Are Not Filed Timely (ABROGATED 4/1/20; LBR 1017-1(2))

Amended Standing Order Regarding No Look Fees in Chapter 13 Cases (REVOKED BY 1/24/17 ORDER; ARCHIVED)