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Claims, Exhibits and Supporting Information


A. Filing Claims and Supporting Information

1. Claims and supporting information are required to be filed electronically, unless otherwise directed by the Court.
2. As a courtesy to the public, the Clerk’s Office will accept filings from infrequent users over the counter or through the mail and will electronically file documents on their behalf. However, if a creditor files claims in more than five (5) cases in a calendar year, the creditor will henceforth be required to obtain a login and password and begin filing claims electronically.
a.  There are two options available for electronically filing proof of claims.
(1) Using the court's Electronic Proofs of Claim (ePOC) program available on the court's website under the CM/ECF tab. This program does not require a login and password.
(2) Obtaining a login and password for the court's Case Management and Electronic Filing System (CM/ECF).
 b. Any claim and supporting information submitted to the Clerk's Office either over the counter or through the mail must be made by duplicate original.  If the party filing the duplicate original wants a stamped copy returned they must provide a self-addressed stamped envelope.  Please see section VII for required retention information.
 c. Documents submitted to the court without a self-addressed stamped envelope will become the property of the court and will be discarded after 15 days.  The clerk will not assume the responsibility of party filers to retain documents.
3. Official Form B410 is required. This form is available at the court’s website, located under Forms and at located under Forms & Fees.
4. For detailed information regarding claims, please refer to the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure 3001.


B. Exhibits to Be Introduced Into Evidence
Documentary Exhibits offered into evidence by parties during Court hearings must be submitted in hard copy. At the time of submission, parties should indicate if they would like the exhibits returned to them after the final judgment has been entered and the appeal period has expired. If the submitting party does not request the exhibits to be returned, they will be discarded after a period of one year from the closing of the case. Please see the Exhibit Submission and Return form attached as Exhibit A.