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Part I - Petition, Fees, Matrix

All petitions, lists, schedules and statements shall be filed as set forth in the Administrative Procedures for Filing, Signing and Verifying Pleadings and Papers by Electronic Means as amended March 19, 2008, and as may be amended thereafter, and shall be properly signed by the debtor(s). Unless excused by order of the court, all petitions filed by an individual debtor shall include copies of (a) picture identification card and (b) the debtor’s social security card.
Every petition shall be accompanied by the prescribed filing fee except as provided in F.R.B.P. 1006(b)(1); the debtor’s Application for Payment of Fees in Installments or a Motion to Waive the Filing Fee under 28 U.S.C. 1930(f) must accompany the petition.
1007-2     MAILING LIST OR MATRIX     
The pro se debtor or attorney filing a petition shall file a complete mailing matrix in accordance with the requirements set forth in the Guide to Practice. If an amendment is submitted that requires a change in the mailing matrix, a supplemental mailing matrix consisting of only the names and addresses of added parties shall be submitted.