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A. Form and Entry
All orders, decrees, judgments, and proceedings of the Court will be filed in accordance with these rules, and such filing will constitute an entry on the docket kept by the Clerk of Court under FRBP 5003 and 9021. Orders will be submitted in such form as the Court may direct. Orders presented for entry should not state that the document is "proposed" in the body or caption of the order. All signed orders will be filed by the Court or Court personnel. Any order filed electronically has the same force and effect as if the judge had affixed the judge's signature to a paper copy of the order and it had been entered on the docket in a conventional manner.
B. Submission
1. Submission of orders on matters noticed on “an if and only if” basis
After the expiration of the last day for serving and filing objections, if none have been filed, the moving party shall submit to the Court an order for entry that grants the relief requested in the original pleading. In addition, the following paragraph and information regarding the submitting entity shall be appended at rhe end of the document, at the bottom left hand corner: The entity submitting this order represents to the Court that the underlying motion was filed and served in conformity with the local rules, that no pleading or response has been filed in opposition thereto, and that the relief to be granted by this order is consistent with the relief pled for in that motion.
Two lines below the end of the order, at the left margin, the following information regarding the submitting entity shall be submitted:
This order was prepared and is being submitted by:
Firm name
By ___________________________
Attorney for_____________
Bar Number____________
Mailing Address
Telephone Number

2. Submission of All Other Orders:
All other orders, including orders resulting from a hearing or other disposition bythe Court, shall be submitted in the usual format required by the court and bearing such signature(s) of counsel and/or parties as the Court may direct.
3. Submission Format
a. Orders must be submitted in PDF format.
b. PDFs created by scanning or imaging are difficult to process; therefore, unless expressly authorized by the Court scanned or imaged orders are prohibited.
c. To ensure proper processing, orders should be prepared in a word processing program that allows a document to be converted, published, or printed to a PDF format.
d. Faxed orders are not permitted, unless advance authorization has been provided.
4.Orders Withdrawing Registry Funds
Orders Withdrawing Registry Funds are required to be submitted to the court in paper format.